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The Nail

Nails are a part of the skin, or integumentary system, and are made of the same protein, keratin, as skin and hair. Nails are composed of the hardest keratin; hair is made of a hard keratin, but not as hard as the keratin in nails; as skin is made of soft keratin.

It is incorrect to think all chemicals are dangerous or toxic substances. Most chemicals are completely safe. Everything around you is made of chemicals. The walls, books, food, vitamins, even oxygen is a chemical. In fact, everything you can see or touch, except light and electricity, is a chemical.


Why do people bite their nails? Many of them do it for the same reason behind many bad habits. They are bored, nervous or fidgety. Sometimes they do it because their nails are ragged and in a bad condition, so getting rid of them seems like the best option. “From a general medical perspective, nail biting is a sign of anxiety and stress.

Sound familiar ???? here my top tips for

Get Healthy Nails Tips to Start Now !!!!

How to keep your nails hydrated,??  rub a small amount of petroleum jelly into your cuticle and the skin surrounding your nails every evening before you go to bed or whenever your nails feel dry. Keep a jar in your purse.

Remember wear rubber gloves whenever you do housework or wash dishes. Most household chores, from gardening to scrubbing the bathroom to washing dishes.

When pushing back your cuticles (it is not necessary to cut them), come in at a 45-degree angle and be very gentle. Otherwise the cuticle will become damaged, now you know.

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The humidity is harmful, dry your hands for at least two minutes after doing the dishes, taking a bath/shower, etc. Also dry your toes thoroughly after swimming or showering. Leaving them damp increases your risk of fungal infection.

The vitamins are your allied, to make your nails as strong and resilient as a horse’s hooves, take 300 micrograms of the B vitamin biotin four to six times a day. Long ago, veterinarians discovered that biotin strengthened horses’ hooves, which are made from keratin.

File your nails correctly, avoid filing in a back-and-forth motion—go in only one direction. And never file just after you’ve gotten out of a shower or bath. Wet nails break more easily.